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Welcome to Meditech's Fit Heart Blog! Here you will find quick facts and tips related to your heart health. Established in 1990, Meditech develops 24-hour blood pressure monitors, ECG devices and software solutions for monitoring risk factors for cardiovascular diseases.

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Snoring and other sleep disorders may have rather serious consequences, even death.

Cardiovascular disease

Is wilderness a necessity? Go to a forest, walk slowly, breathe and heal! Japanese researchers are seeking a new preventive method against lifestyle-related diseases and proposed a new concept called forest bathing or Shinrin-yoku.

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Hypertension affects 40% of adults over the age of 25 worldwide, and it represents a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, and death, but it often remains undiagnosed until complications arise.

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Healthcare technology can contribute to the empowerment of both the physicians and patients. We have three trends to follow.

Diabetes  |  Heart disease  |  Hypertension  |  Nutrition

Vitamin D is crucial not only for the healthy growing and development of your bones, but some studies also pointed out that it plays a role in reducing your risk of multiple sclerosis or heart disease.