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24 hour BP Monitoring

Long-life, easy to use ambulatory blood pressure monitors. ABPM-05 with manual programming, IP22 water-resistance rating. Clinically validated to the BHS and AAMI accuracy criteria. CE, FDA and CMDR are provided!

Sleep Apnea Pre-Screening

Meditech apneABP combined 24-hour BP, SpO2 monitor and actigraph supports cost-effective sleep apnea and hypertension screening in primary care.

24 hour BP in OEM


24 hour blood pressure monitor in OEM. Your brand, our quality. Save time and costs with our complex  solution!

Holter ECG Summer Promotion

1+1 CardioMera ECG Holter package with all-inclusive software promotion!

Who we are

Meditech is one of the worldwide technology leaders in the area of manufacturing ambulatory blood pressure monitors and ECG devices. Established in 1990 by Hungarian private entrepreneurs, Meditech develops medical devices and software solutions for monitoring risk factors for cardiovascular diseases.

Latest news

Long-Acting Drugs on Twice-Daily Basis are More Effective

Meditech ABPM-05 ambulatory blood pressure monitor to determine the effects of hypertensive drug treatment.

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Gender Differences in Nighttime BP

Researchers have pointed out that the effects of emotional reactivity are different in men and women. Improved negative emotional responses in the evening, especially in women, result in higher nighttime blood pressure, a significant predictor of cardiovascular mortality.


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