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card(X)plore Combined 24 hour Blood Pressure Monitor, ECG & Actigraph

For a More Complex Cardiovascular Risk Analysis

card(X)plore provides a complex picture of the relationship between hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. As hypertension is the most common risk factor for cardiovascular diseases, it is important to assess blood pressure and ECG data at the same time.

card(X)plore combines 24-hour blood pressure monitoring with Holter ECG recording and actigraphy. The device provides elaborate information on the relationship between raised blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.

Why to Choose card(X)plore, a Portable, Mini Cardiology Lab

Meditech card(X)plore incorporates several functions in one device.

  1. 24-hour blood pressure monitoring
    Holter BP, ECG & actigraph

    Detailed information on systolic and diastolic blood pressure, pulse, morning surge, nighttime dipping, mean arterial blood pressure, hypertension load, hypertensive time index, white-coat hypertension.

    24-hour blood pressure monitoring is being used increasingly nowadays, as it gives information over and above conventional blood pressure monitoring. 24-hour blood pressure monitoring makes repetitive blood pressure measurements possible over a 24-hour period, included nighttime measurements as well, the abnormal value of which is a first predictor for cardiovascular mortality.

  2. 3-channel Holter ECG monitoring

    Automatic, full disclosure ECG annotation, time and frequency-domain HRV, QT, ST PQ analysis, arrhythmia analysis, pacemaker detection, ECG event and QRS detection with 99.9% accuracy.

    Holter ECG monitoring is necessary if your symptoms (palpitation, dizziness, shortness of breath) remain hidden during a routine cardiac monitoring. It makes the in-depth examination of the heart cycle possible, as it gives information on any morphology related to QRS, ST, QT or P-wave.

    Holter ECG monitoring may be applied to detect the cause of such pathological symptoms as fainting or dizziness, or it is useful after a myocardial infarction to assess heart conditions.

  3. Actigraphy (2-axis motion graph)

    Actigraphy is necessary to determine body position and physical activity levels, as some heart rhythm disorders occur during certain activities, such as sleeping or physical exertion only.

  4. Quick identification of exceeded limit values with additional BP measurements

  5. All inclusive Holter software package

    Comprehensive, in-depth analysis on heart conditions. You can have the entire picture for better diagnosis.

Cost-effective cardiovascular screening on an outpatient basis

Meditech card(X)plore incorporates 24-hour blood pressure, Holter ECG and actigraphy monitoring in one device to provide a complex cardiovascular risk analysis.

Technical Specifications

storage capacity up to 51 hours of Holter ECG & 600 BP measurements
actigraphy 2-axis, +2g, 10 Hz sampling, sensitivity 0,01g
memory SD card
dimensions 124*82*33,5 mm
weight (excl. battery) 250 g
BP measurement method oscillometric
measurement range BP: 30 - 260 mmHg                                 pulse: 40 - 200 bpm
passive accuracy + 3 mmHg or 2% of the measured value
operating button 2 pushbuttons
sampling, A/D resolution 600 Hz, 12 bit
storage quality 150 or 300 Hz
communication USB optical interface
ECG 3 channels (7 patient cables)
conformity certificate CE


Kit Content

1 x combined card(X)plore ambulatory BP and ECG recorder unit, 1 x memory card, 1 x pouch, 1 x one standard size, latex cuff, 2 x sets of high capacity AA batteries, 1 x USB optical interface, 1 x 7 lead patient ECG cable, 1 x package of disposable ECG electrodes, 1 x CD with the latest software and user documentation, 1 x quality certificate packed in black protecting case

A card-reader unit is necessary for reading data!

The interface cable and the CD can be excluded from the kit.

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