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CardioVisions Professional 24 hour Holter ECG Software for CardioMera

99.9% Accuracy & High Flexibility

Save time with CardioVisions 24 hour Holter ECG software which, if used with CardioMera monitor, can process and classify recorded ECG in most cases within one minute!

CardioVisions Holter Software Features

  1. Automatic Holter ECG Classification
    CardioMera 24 hour Holter ECG

    Automatic 24 hour Holter ECG classification based on rhythm changes and morphology.

  2. 99.9% Accuracy

    The software identifies recorded QRS in nearly 100% of all cases. (Tested according to 60601-2-47 standard with AHA Arrhythmia Database.)

  3. ECG Annotation within 1 Minute in most cases

    Save time with CardioVisions 24 hour Holter ECG software which can download and process large-size ECG data within a minute in most cases.

  4. Time and Frequency Domain HRV

    HRV tachogram, HRV 2d charts, and 3d Lorenz graph.

  5. Rhythm Analysis

    Complex arrhythmia analysis with charts and graphs.

  6. ECG Event Analysis

    CardioVisions 24 hour Holter software detects ventricular fibrillation, atrial fibrillation, bradycardia, tachycardia, arrhythmia, R on T, QT, ST elevation and depression, minimum and maximum ST, HR, QT, SA and AV block, T-wave alternates and many other events automatically.

  7. Summaries & Statistics

    ECG summary, HRV and ST statistics.

  8. Pacemaker Function

    For displaying pacemaker beats.

  9. Online Editing

    Online, manual editing of automated 24 hour Holter ECG recordings.

  10. One-Page Scanning

    ECG table for the quick overview of the shape of recorded 24 hour Holter ECG beats.

  11. Useful Administrative Tools

    Patient database, patient and examination information, e-mail compatibility, user access management.

  12. Colour-Coded ECG

    Colour-coded ECG channels for easy recognition.

  13. Freely Editable 24 hour Holter ECG Report

    Option for freely customizable and default reports in the software.

  14. Function Keys

    Quick function keys for RR, HR, beat type and ECG event display.

  15. Superimposition Scanning

    Interactive 'run ECG' function for continuous and fast display of recorded 24 hour Holter ECG.

CardioVisions processes your 24 hour Holter ECG recording quickly and accurately. The software detects all pathological events and offers useful scanning modes and function keys for the better overview of recorded large-size ECG data. At the end of the automated analysis, which can be altered and edited manually, a summary ECG report can be printed.

Busy general practitioners can save time with the accurate Meditech ECG algorithm and the 1-minute ECG process.


Do you have questions about the use of CardioVisions? Check out the frequently asked questions at first!

CardioVisions Recorder Compatibility

ABPM-04, ABPM-05, BlueBP-05 ambulatory BP monitor, CardioMera Holter ECG, card(X)plore combined BP and ECG monitor, apneABP combined BP and pulse oximeter, CardioBlue ECG event recorder.