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ABPM-06 and 06Plus are coming soon

New conqueror(s) on the horizon

While we never stop believing in the quality of our best-seller model ABPM-05, Meditech is delightful to announce that two new ABPM devices will be available on its portfolio soon enough.

Why do people appreciate ABPM-05 so much? Let’s take a look at the secret of Meditech's best-seller model:

  1. Small, lightweight unit
  2. Free, all-inclusive software packages
  3. In the software: one-page, print-ready reports
  4. Manual programming option
  5. Dual valve system for patient safety
  6. Fair price
  7. Long-life technology
  8. OEM package
  9. Independent clinical validations
  10. CE certificate, FDA approval

Meditech_ABPM05_with cuff

ABPM-06 and ABPM-06 Plus might take the place of customer’s favorite in their hearts, since both of the units have all the features of ABPM-05, and they even go beyond that. Taking account of our partners’ needs we‘ve improved our ambulatory blood pressure monitor line to provide next-generation ABPM devices.

What new features do -06 and -06Plus include? How does Plus offer more?
ABPM-06 and -06Plus have some new features that you are going to highly appreciate:

  1. Atrial fibrillation detection (available in ABPM-06Plus only)

    One of the most exciting new features! ABPM-06Plus’s user program, based on the stored oscillometric data, is able to recognize the rhythm disturbances referring to atrial fibrillation. The software also provides information on the incidence rate of AF.

  2. Sleep Well® function

    At Meditech, people come first, and everything else will follow. We have improved our sleep-friendly algorithm which doesn’t allow ABPM-06 to disturb the patients in their sleep by repeating failed measurements, unless it’s necessary.

  3. Extended measurement ranges

    The systolic measurement range has grown by 11%, the diastolic by 24% in ABPM-06 and -06Plus compared to ABPM-05's limits.

  4. A/A validation

    Both of the new units operate with a reliable, oscillometric algorithm, clinically validated according to the ESH accuracy criteria.

  5. Standard mini USB

    No special cable is needed for communication.

  6. Inbuilt voice recording (available in ABPM-06Plus only)

    The new function has been designed for short notes. It helps medical professionals if there is a lack of paper or stationery.

  7. Automatic cuff detection

    ABPM-06(Plus) will adapt itself to the connected type of cuff, and work with it appropriately during the examination.

ABPM-06 and -06Plus are compatible with both EasyABPM and CardioVisions software options. Therefore, you don’t need to learn different know-how. All you need to do is upgrade from your ABPM-05 unit into a new ABPM-06 (or -06Plus) and check the new options available in the software to be able to enjoy the new functions. Or buy a new ABPM-06(Plus) in the first place!