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CardioVisions Ambulatory BP & ECG Software for card(X)plore

A More Complex Cardiovascular Screening

Meditech card(X)plore ambulatory BP and ECG monitor is available with the all-inclusive, CardioVisions software package, which offers multiple cardiovascular screening options without the need of any particular computational knowledge. CardioVisions is made up of various software features which make it possible to have comprehensive information on the patient’s medical condition.

As raised blood pressure is one of the key risk factors that lead to cardiovascular diseases, it is important to have a well-established diagnostic tool which facilitates the monitoring of both blood pressure and ECG data at the same time, in comparison to each other.

What Information is Available in CardioVisions Ambulatory BP & ECG Software?

  1. Ambulatory BP Evaluation
    cardXplore ambulatory BP and ECG

    Make use of the full benefits of an ambulatory BP monitor. BP graph, histograms, correlations, BP statistics with morning, day, night and special periods, diurnal (day/night index), hypertension load (hyperbaric impact), hypertensive time index (percent time elevation or PTE), hypotensive time index (percent time depression or PTD), morning surge are all available.

  2. Ambulatory ECG Annotation

    ECG beats are pre-organised automatically according to their morphology. Morphological classifications include artifact, normal, VES, SVES, LBBB, RBBB, PM and unclassified beats. Pre-classified beats can be edited manually with the aid of various software features, such as run ECG for the fast continuous overview of recorded ECG. Quick, easily accessible function keys support RR, HR and event display.

  3. ECG Statistics

    A summary of the most important events of ambulatory ECG monitoring.

  4. ST, QT and PQ Analysis

    Analysis of the ST segment and QT interval on all leads with information on depression and elevation.

  5. ECG Spike Chart

    Visualization of all ambulatory ECG events with an extended list of arrhythmias detected. Ventricular fibrillation, atrial fibrillation, pause, missing beat, Ves beats, tachycardia, V run, triple, couplet, bigeminy, trigeminy, SVES beats, LBBB, RBBB, PM, R on T, QTc, ST depression and elevation, bradycardia, arrhythmia, min-max ST, QT, HR, AV block, SA block, bundle branch block, AV dissociation, T wave alternan are all available.

  6. HRV

    HRV is analysed on time and frequency basis. RR interval tachogram, HRV 2d charts, 3d Lorenz graph, HRV statistics, HRV bar chart, PSD chart and compressed spectral array are available in the software.

  7. Actigraphy

    Actigraphy data are recorded on both horizontal and vertical axis. Monitoring of body position and motion levels may provide additional information on when (during sleep or physical activity) the cardiovascular symptoms arise.

  8. Combined Overview of CV Events for Better Understanding

    CardioVisions combined ambulatory BP and ECG software makes it possible to view BP and ECG-related data at the same time. The following combined screens are available:

    - Spike chart + ST + ECG

    - Tachogram + ST + ECG

    - BP + ST + Activity

    - BP + Spike Chart + Activity

  9. Freely Customizable Reporting Functions

    Default and a freely customizable report are printable at the end of the analysis.

Additionally, CardioVisions provides an easy-to-handle database, archiving, e-mailing, exporting functions and network connection.


Do you have questions about the use of CardioVisions? Check out the frequently asked questions at first!

CardioVisions Recorder Compatibility

ABPM-04, ABPM-05, BlueBP-05 ambulatory BP monitor, CardioMera Holter ECG, card(X)plore combined BP and ECG monitor, apneABP combined BP and pulse oximeter, CardioBlue ECG event recorder.

CardioVisions can be installed and used on several PCs FREE of charge!