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Celebrating our 30th anniversary

Meditech is really proud to celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2020. We have come a long road, and we have so many plans in the years to come, too.


We are aware that 2020 will be a memorable year for most of us all around the world. A lot have happened so far, and we may expect a lot of changes to come. Our thoughts are with everyone who has been put in an inconvenient situation by the coronavirus. However, at Meditech, we need to stop and take a moment to celebrate our achievements from the past 30 years. Starting from some great ideas, our company has achieved to become a world-renowned, accepted and honored developer and manufacturer of cardiovascular monitoring solutions. 

Please welcome a brief summary presented by our co-owner and managing director, Dr. István Szőllősi, who might be the perfect person to summarize the journey of Meditech, since he has been working on its growth basically from the beginning. 


We would like to thank all of our partners and customers whom trust has allowed us to build the company we are proud of. 

We are as happy as grateful for the past 30 years, and cannot wait to continue our work on providing the highest quality for all of our users. 


Hearts deserve the best Holters.