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Error Codes

  1. Unsuccessful Measurements

    E1: aborted measurement – the measurement timeout is over, the measurement had to be aborted (the patient was moving).

    E2: manually interrupted – the measurement was stopped by pressing a button

    E3: battery rundown – the batteries exhausted during the measurement

    E4: batteries changed – the batteries were replaced during the measurement

    E5 (card(X)plore only): previous measurement was too close – minimum time restriction between two automatic BP measurements was not over.

    E8: pressure limit exceeded – the pressure in the pneumatic system exceeded the preset pressure limit

    E9: temporary disturbance – external electric signal (static discharge) disturbed the operation of the device

  2. Cuff Error

    E31: cuff missing or loose – there was no cuff connected to the device or the cuff may be too loose on the patient’s arm

    E32: cuff tubing clogged – the cuff is clogged or the rubber tube is broken

    E33: cuff leaking or loose – there is a hole in the cuff or it is very loose on the patient’s arm

    E34: cuff not on arm – the patient was not wearing the cuff

  3. Flash Card Error (card(X)plore and apneABP only)

    E40: plan is not running

    E41: no flash card – there is no flash card int he device, flash card is insreted incorrectly or there is a communication error.

    E42: incompatible card or no data – the inserted flash card is incompatible or does not contain measurement data

    E43: different measurement plan – the flash card does not belong to the running plan

    E44: faulty plan – measurement plan is damaged or contains incorrect parameters

    E45: date-independent plan – time limit exceeded between creating and staring of a measurement plan

  4. Faulty Device

    E90: device error – the device could not measure due to a hardware error

    E99: device error – the device does not start automatic measurement (until the next programming)

    Other error codes (apneABP only)

  5. E II – pulse oximeter error – pulse oximeter sensor is disconnected or it is not working properly.