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Holter Management Software

CardioVisions & EasyABPM software packages

CardioVisions and EasyABPM are Windows-based software packages for analyzing recorded blood pressure and ECG data.

CardioVisions manages all Meditech Holter monitors, and it is suitable both for busy general practitioners, who need a one-page report only and also for researchers, who dive deep into data.

EasyABPM offers easy and quick ABPM-analysis solutions for Meditech ABPM-04, ABPM-05 and ABPM-06 ambulatory blood pressure monitors.


CardioVisions sample report EasyABPM sample report


CardioVisions & EasyABPM benefits

  • Unlimited software options
    Both CardioVisions and EasyABPM offer all-inclusive software options to each monitor you have, no matter if the monitor has been purchased as a part of a full kit or a recorder package only.

  • Unlimited number of PCs
    Install either CardioVisions or EasyABPM to any PC for free. The number of the involved PCs are unlimited, no extra charges arise.

  • Free upgrades
    Receive and use the latest developments for free.




EasyABPM software solution manages ABPM-04, ABPM-05 and ABPM-06 only. 

Cardiovisions manages all Meditech ambulatory blood pressure and ECG monitors (such as ABPM-04, ABPM-05, ABPM-06, card(X)plore/Bluetooth, apneABP, CardioMera, CardiUP!3/12, CardioTens, CardioBlue, CardioBlue24, CardioClip, BlueBP-05, ABPM-03).

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