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MediTeach Online educational platform

Collect every piece of information about Meditech ABPM and ECG Holters you may interested in fast and effectively. The content is given, the platform is open.

MediTeach, Meditech’s online educational platform is the perfect online tool for everyone to get to know more about our units and software solutions. Every Meditech product has its own course that contains all the information and documents related to the specific product.

Every course contains:

  • short videos covering such topics as “Handling the device”, “Applying the recorder to the patient’s body”, “Maintenance of the recorder and its accessories”, “Evaluation of the 24-hour recorded data” etc.
  • related quiz to test your knowledge
  • discussing tab that allows you to contact our colleagues directly
  • related documents (user manuals, brochures etc.) to support your commitment of collecting every piece of information available


Covered topics (the list is continuously expanding):

  • ABPM units
  • CardiUP! Holter ECG family
  • CardioVisions Holter Management software
  • EasyABPM Holter Management Software
  • ABPM-05 service training

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Who is it recommended for?

Healthcare Professionals - We’ll save you time, so you’ll have time to save people. 

The platform is perfect for busy General Practitioners who can easily and quickly look up specific information they interested in at the moment, instead of wading through the whole User Manual over and over again chasing the relevant piece of information.  

Cardiovascular experts 
Who has the time and opportunity to educate a whole team of cardiovascular professionals at the same time? MediTeach is the perfect tool for smaller and bigger establishments alike to provide flexible training that suits the busy medical experts’ schedules. 


Complex, comprehensive product knowledge is essential to study any part of the cardiovascular system. Diving deep into data, researchers are in need of easy to find, but detailed descriptions on the units as well as the software.



Whether the reason to start your membership is educating your colleagues, or you would like to support your customers by opening the platform to them, MediTeach will serve you perfectly.



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