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Meditech Holters in OEM

Your Brand, Our Quality

Meditech Holter blood pressure and ECG monitors are available in OEM/private label combining our verified quality and your branding components. Save time and cost with Meditech complex OEM Holter solutions!


Why Meditech Holter OEM?

  1. Time & cost savings
    Quick expansion of your existing product-line while saving costs on R&D.

  2. Reduced development effort
    Hire Meditech and eliminate your complete research and product development process.

  3. Enhanced product quality
    Improve no-trouble-found rate by purchasing your customized Holter monitor from a well-established manufacturer.

  4. Preserved own brand, controlled customer relationships
    You can enjoy the benefits of your own brand, extend your product line and manage your customer relationships without risks.

  5. Customization
    You can use your corporate design elements.

  6. Complex OEM solution
    If you decide on working with Meditech, you will not only get a simple blood pressure module but a complete package which may include an ambulatory blood pressure monitoring device, accessories, and the software.


Contact us for special offer!


The minimum order quantity is 200 pieces/ year within the framework of OEM partnership.


Hearts Deserve The Best Holters!