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As we are so excited about the launch, we would like to allow our customers to participate in a pre-order promotion, where they can apply for a 100EUR discount per each ABPM-06 that they order.  


Apply for the pre-order discount


Even if you cannot receive your new ABPM-06 before March 2020, you are allowed to pre-order one with a 100 EUR discount. Check if we have an official Meditech distributor in your country, and ask them for the pre-order discount. 

Or contact us to order your new BP monitor before its official launch. 

ABPM-06 pre-order promotion is on.


Terms and conditions:

• The promotion is valid from the 4th December 2019 to 29th February 2020. The orders placed after the deadline cannot be handled within the scope of the mentioned promotion. Please note: your order becomes official only after receipt of the advance payment. If advance payment doesn't arrive at Meditech's account before the deadline, you are not allowed to participate in our pre-order promotion.

• 100 EUR discount is applying per each ABPM-06 kit that you order.

• The promotion cannot be combined with any other promotion/discount/bonus program.

• Regardless of the date when the order has been placed, Meditech Ltd cannot be obliged to deliver the goods before March 2020

• The promotion is available to all of our customers. 

• The promotion is available neither in the UK nor in Hungary.



To participate in the promotion, please

Contact us