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The selected device is not connected to the selected port or its batteries are low


  1. Check the batteries
    1. Check if there are batteries in the device.
    2. Check if the batteries are put in correctly.
    3. Check the voltage of the batteries.

      Press and hold the START button of your monitor for more than 5 but less than 10 seconds to display battery voltage on the LCD screen. The voltage of fully charged accumulators should be over 2,5V in case of ABPM-05 and BlueBP-05 and over 5,37V in case of ABPM-04, card(X)plore and apneABP. If you have a CardioMera or CardioBlue monitor, use a fully charged battery.

  2. Make sure that there is a USB driver / Bluetooth adapter on your computer
    1. If your device communicates with an interface cable:

      Connect the USB cable

      Get into your Windows Device Manager

      Check if any of the COM ports have unusual symbols next to them.

      If yes:

      -  Select and delete your unknown USB device

      -  Disconnect the USB cable

      -  Install the USB driver from the Meditech CD or from

    2. If your device communicates with Bluetooth:

      If you have a Personal computer, insert Meditech Bluetooth dongle into your computer

      If you have a laptop, make sure that your in-built Bluetooth-adapter is switched on, Go to the device manager or search for Bluetooth icons (desktop, taskbar, control panel, installed programs)

  3. Test communication
    1. If your device communicates with an interface cable:

      Check the PC-device connection

      Check whether the interface cable has been placed with the right end into the device. Connect the optical cable to the device and make sure that the red mark on the cable matches the mark on the label of the monitor.

      Test communication

      While testing the communication (EasyABPM: Device/Read Data; CardioVisions: Tools/Options/Communication), pull the cable out of the device and check whether it blinks red. If no, try the communication with other cable or turn to your distributor.

    2. If your device communicates with Bluetooth:

      Make your device Bluetooth-discoverable

      Check here how to make your device Bluetooth-discoverable

      Test communication (CardioVisions: Tools/Options/Communication)

      Click ADD and the software will list devices found, Select your device, Click OK, Enter the PIN (last 4 digits from the serial number)

  4. If none of these solutions work, please contact your local distributor’s support team.