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How to program ABPM-05 manually

  1. Press and hold START and DAY/NIGHT button at the same time continuously for 10 seconds.24 holter BP manual programming
  2. Measurement plans will be displayed for 3-3 seconds. In order to choose a measurement plan, you should release the buttons while the specific plan is displayed.

The following three measurement plans can be selected during the programming of the device:

Plan a): measurements in every 15 minutes at day and every 30 minutes at night.

Plan b): measurements in every 20 minutes at day and every 40 minutes at night.

Plan c): 30-minute periods indepentent of day or night time.

Other settings are the same in all the three plans: undecided cuff size, 300 mmHg pressure limit, LCD display enabled, manual day/night shift disabled. Daytime starts at 6:00, while nighttime starts at 22:00, special session is disabled. Patient data can be selected or created later in CardioVisions or EasyABPM database.