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Device Q&A


LCD (ABPM-04, ABPM-05, BlueBP-05, card(X)plore, apneABP)
LCD Symbols


LCD error codes


Nothing is displayed on the LCD
  1. Check if the batteries are porperly charged

    (ABPM-05 / BlueBP-05: over 2,5V; ABPM-04, card(X)Plore, apneABP: over 5,37V )

  2. Check if the LCD works correctly: press and hold the Start button to light up all the segments.
Wrong time is displayed on the LCD

Connect the device to the PC and program it. The clock will self-adjust to the correct time.

00:00 is displayed on the LCD
  1. If the device has not been used for a long period, the inbuilt backup cell may get discharged. Keep freshly charged batteries in the recorder for at least one day, which will recharge the backup cell.
  2. If the above solution does not help, refer to a qualified service personnel.
How to use the buttons


How to program ABPM-05 manually


Bluetooth (BlueBP-05, CardioBlue)
How to make sure that you have an active Bluetooth adapter


How to make the device Bluetooth-discoverable


Memory card (apneABP, CardioMera, card(X)plore)

When programming the device insert the memory card fully into the recorder and connect the device with the supplied optical cable to your PC. During programming all data stored on the card will be erased.

After monitoring session insert the memory card into your card reader unit built into or connected to your PC to transfer recorded data to your database.



Software Q&A


What software should be used to manage my device?

CardioVisions: ABPM-04, ABPM-05, BlueBP-05, apneABP, card(X)plore, CardioMera, CardioBlue

EasyABPM: ABPM-04, ABPM-05.M

Who is the System Administrator and the User in CardioVisions?

The System Administrator’s account is created during the software installation by default. The System Administrator can create and has access to the User’s account, but only the User can see medical data.

My CardioVisions password has been lost.

Login to the software as a System Administrator, whose default login name and password are both admin. As a System Administrator, you can modify the User’s password.

If You cannot login as a System Administrator, the user.FF2 file should be sent back to Meditech to restore default data.

How can I export or import data?


  1. Exporting several measurements from one folder: Tools/Export examinations from the selected folder.
  2. Exporting a single measurement: open the measurement and Tools/Data export.
  3. Importing: Tools/Data import or Tools/Import examinations into the selected folder.

EasyABPM:Tools/Export, Tools/Import.

Wrong date and time are displayed in the software.
  1. Check the correct PC time, as your device is programmed accordingly.
  2. If the backup cell is not properly charged, the internal clock may work incorrectly, and the recorder may not start measurements in due time. In this case keep freshly charged batteries in the recorder for at least one day; this should recharge the backup cell. It is possible to use the recorder afterwards. If the recharging of the cell does not help, the backup cell must be changed by the service personnel. This is an out of warranty act.
How can I add new items to the report?


CardioVisions: Tools/Options/Standard report/ABPM report. Or in the 'Evaluation' screen you can add an active frame either to the report by clicking on the related icon.

How to print a report from the software?
  1. After opening any examination, click on the printer icon (menu bar, top of the screen).
  2. Report content settings:

    CardioVisions: Tools/Options/Standard Report

    EasyABPM: Tools/Settings/Report

  3. Should you have any difficulties:
    • Check if you have a printer installed.
    • Check if the default printer is turned on and connected to the PC.
    • Try to print any other document. If you cannot, adjust the settings of the installed printer.
Which operation systems are compatible with Meditech software solutions?

CardioVisions: XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10

EasyABPM: XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10

How to upgrade the software?

Download the latest version after logging in.

Can I use the device on another computer?

Yes, if the software is installed on the other computer. If you want to use your existing database, you can

  1. either copy data folder from one PC to the other (CardioVisions only)
  2. or export examinations from the old PC and import them to the new PC (both CardioVisions and EasyABPM).
How to make a backup?

Creating a backup from any software database is strongly recommended to prevent data loss. It is advised to create a backup often, monthly, weekly or even daily depending on the frequency of the software usage.

  1. CardioVisions

    The function is available both for the User (Tools/Backup) and for the System Administrator (Tools/System administrator tools/Backup and restore). While the former can create backups only manually, the latter has the possibility to create backups both manually and automatically according to preset intervals.

  2. EasyABPM

    The function is available in Tools/Maintenance.

How to archive examinations?

Data archiving in CardioVisions refers to the long-term storage of the large-size Holter ECG recordings in order to free up space in the database. Archiving can be done either by the User or the system administrator.

  1. After entering the software, display Database screen.
  2. Create a new folder and collect the examinations to archive.
  3. Click Tools/Archive examinations from the selected folder id you are logged in as a User or Tools/ System administrator's tools/Maintenance' if you are logged ina s a system Administrator.
  4. Archived examinations will be coloured purple in your database.
The selected device is not connected to the selected port or its batteries are low!