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We are glad to inform you that we are launching MediTeach, Meditech’s online educational platform on 2 November 2020. We have designed an interactive, video-based webpage, where our customers will be able to get a comprehensive overview on our products. Our goal is to support you with tutorials and create a community of our users.


On the platform you’ll find:

● support videos that help you handle the devices 

● support videos on how to handle the software solutions

● assessments related to the specific courses 

● other, brand- or product-related documents such as brochures, flyers, User Manuals etc.

● high-resolution images

● the platform allows Meditech to continuously provide content based on either our preferences or our users’ suggestions



 How can you benefit by joining MediTeach educational platform?

● We have designed the content to provide all the information you may need regarding our devices; each course has been split up into short, informative videos. Therefore, after completing them, you can look up specific pieces of info very easily.

● You’ll be provided with online certificates verifying that you have passed our courses.

● As a company, you can add as many colleagues to the platform as you want, where you can make sure that every member of your team understands the operation of Meditech products (units as well as software) thanks to assessments related to different courses.

● Thanks to the interactive platform, you can take part in a real discussion related to each course - you can ask our administrators, or even share experiences with other members.

● You will be able to suggest new content that you need the most.

Important basics

The membership is provided for a monthly fee.

Creating one account, you can add all of your colleagues to the platform, and you’ll be able to track their status (number of videos they have checked, results they have achieved etc).

Official launch of the platform: on 2 November 2020.

How can you handle your group as a reseller?


If you are interested in joining MediTeach

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