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AJ Medical, our partner from Sweden

Presenting our distributors II. 


We continue presenting our distributors. Let us introduce to you AJ Medical from Sweden, one of the companies we have most recently partnered with. Our expectations couldn’t be any higher regarding the longstanding and yet new partnership. But what do we mean by that?


Fresh relationship with old memories

Even though the beginnings of the two companies’ cooperation don’t go back to ancient history, the first time AJ Medical met their first Meditech product happened to be a long time ago. The family-owned Swedish company, that celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, was introduced to our ABPM units at the very beginning of the ’00s.

“It is now more than 20 years since we first got into contact with the Meditech products” – Anna Sogell, the Marketing & Sustainability Manager of AJ Medical recalls.

AJ Medical, specializing in blood pressure equipment, started to work with Meditech ABPM-04 ambulatory blood pressure monitor – the first ABPM that had ultimately put Meditech to the map. Since the first rendezvous, AJ Medical have been selling Meditech devices to hundreds of satisfied customers, even though they were not our contracted partner. AJ Medical started to work with ABPM-04 as a partner of a no longer existing official Meditech distributor. 


Anna Sogell, the Marketing & Sustainability Manager of AJ Medical and Joachim Sogell, the Managing Director, holding the prize received from Meditech

Anna Sogell, the Marketing & Sustainability Manager of AJ Medical, and Joachim Sogell,
the Managing Director holding the prize received from Meditech


ABPM-05, the all-time favorite 

Throughout the past years, even though their confidence in ABPM-04 hadn’t weakened, they have turned toward another product: 

“Currently the device creating the most interest here is ABPM-05. It is very comfortable to use, much due to its size and lightweight. The design is elegant and the accessories, such as the shoulder strap and bag are made out of good quality materials. The new functions in ABPM-06, like voice recording, are also very practical and promising, furthermore, the unlimited software is a big plus.” – AJ Medical summarizes the reasons why Meditech ABPMs are popular among their customers.

The Swedish team is as enthusiastic as compact. Five dedicated members take care of all the work that need to be done. They are maintaining a website, a web shop, catalogues and price lists, of course. Besides, they visit their customers as often as it is required to perform presentations and trainings on how to use Meditech ABPM units. 

“We are an official Meditech Service Partner and we are certified, meaning that we are allowed to perform repair works in-house. This is another very important pillar to the portfolio of our services.” – Sogell adds.


What will the future bring? 

Despite (or rather because) of the continuously increasing need for Meditech ABPMs, the AJ Medical team are not sitting on their hands. As they summarize their goals for the near future:

“Our main focus is currently on making the ABPM-06 even more popular and also to get it represented in the procurement business here in Sweden.”

We cannot wait to see what more we can achieve together!