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Presenting our distributors I. 

Meet P.M.S. Instruments


Celebrating our 30th anniversary, we cannot be anything else but grateful for our partners and users whose cooperation has helped us achieve this milestone. We would like to present the foundation that our strong company has been built on. In this spirit, from now on we introduce our most important resellers one by one, from all around the world.


Let's start with our UK and Ireland distributor, P.M.S. Instruments.

The beginnings take us back more than 20 years ago. “We sold our first Meditech product, the Elite PC based ECG, back in 1997. The E-Lite was one of the world’s first “plug and play” cost-effective 12-lead resting ECG systems. It was popular with GP surgeries and pioneered the use of computers in the recording of ECG’s helping to start the trend for paperless ECG’s,” recalls Mr. Andrew Webb, Managing Director of P.M.S Instruments, how the story started.

After being asked which Meditech device he prefers, Mr. Webb doesn’t hesitate: “The ABPM-04 is my favourite and one of the most popular Meditech products. It was ahead of its time when it was introduced and remains popular to this day. “

Based on the feedback available on the P.M.S. Instruments website, not only the two companies but also the users appreciated the clinically validated unit.




Let’s check on the dates. The unit was released 23 years ago, and is still really popular in the UK. Why is that? On one hand, reliability seems to be the key, as it has been confirmed by Mr. Webb: “Several of the original monitors we sold over 17 years ago are still in regular use!” On the other hand, appropriate support is essential in the case of medical equipment. P.M.S. Instruments take care of their customers from the very first steps. Comprehensive knowledge of the units and the software as well as the market’s needs make a great distributor. These two essentials as well as a strong customer focus are demonstrated in the case of P.M.S. Instruments. Their expertise was essential when we adapted our CardioVisions program to follow guidelines of the UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.

Ever since, the knowledge of the P.M.S. team, their professional approach and decades of experience help us gain a better understanding of how the market reacts to something new: speaking of either a new product, a software upgrade, or just a seasonal promotion.

A small friendly team of 10 including Sales professionals, Technical Support Engineers and Logistics professionals, based in the UK on a modern business park, provides everything that the customers might need. Since P.M.S. Instruments is not only a very competent distributor of the Meditech products, but they also have the right to perform repair works. This fact – not to mention that they are independently audited to the ISO-9001 Quality Standard to repair and support specialist medical equipment - allows them to provide their customers with a comprehensive package of services. Having a Meditech device serviced by P.M.S. Instruments entitles one to their Premier Remote assist training and telephone technical support. That explains the 5-star customer reviews.




Thanks to the two companies’ exceptional history we have gone through some significant moments together. Whether we are talking about common projects or other products, our milestones include:

1997 ABPM-04 

1999 CardioTens combined ABPM and ECG Event monitor

2002 Merlin ECG Event watch

2003 CardioClip 7 day looping ECG recorder

2004 CardXplore combined ABPM and Holter ECG recorder

2005 CardioMera 24 Hour Holter ECG

2007 ABPM-05

2017 CardiUP3!/12! Second generation Holter ECG

2019 ABPM-06 


As Mr. Andrew Webb summarizes in his blog post: “The latest ABPM-06 is the result of 30 years of product design, engineering precision and of course customer feedback that sets Meditech apart from competitors”. We need to add that a significant amount of feedback has reached us through P.M.S. Instruments. Just another reason we can be grateful to them.