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Every 30th kit comes with a surprise celebrating our 30th anniversary

As the saying goes, shared joy is multiplied, and we are keen on accumulating it. Celebrating our 30th anniversary, we would like to spread our gratitude and let our users know how grateful we are for their trust. From now on every 30th Meditech kit will be accompanied with a small pack of gifts including a USB drive as well as a coupon of 5% off.

Every 30th kit will accompanied with a gift

We hope you’ll be enjoying these gifts that are really small gestures compared to the one that we have been experiencing: the unbroken trust in our products and in our team.


Although the conditions of use in the case of a USB drive seems pretty obvious, it may be worth a couple of minutes to talk about the terms of the discount.

  • The discount cannot be combined with any other promotion/discount/bonus program.

  • Coupons will be delivered until the 30th June 2021.

  • Every customer is allowed to use the coupon for their next order, however, the latest date the coupon has to be used before is the 30th June 2022. A coupon is considered to be used when the coupon code has been used to officiate an order. Please note: your order becomes official only after receipt of the advance payment. If advance payment doesn't arrive at Meditech's account before the deadline, you are not allowed to use the coupon anymore.

  • Since only every 30th kit will be delivered with a gift, we cannot guarantee that all of our users will receive a surprise.

  • The coupon will be provided with full kits as well as with recorder packages.



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