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Does 7-day ECG recording seem long? Well, it is, but not necessarily inconvenient.

As a manufacturer of ECG Holter monitors, sometimes we are challenged by the question of why 7-day ECG recording is necessary. Isn’t it inconvenient for the patients? What kind of events can be captured during such a session from a medical point of view?

Holter recording technology was developed to provide medical professionals with the quality of resting ECG machines. Thus, several manufacturers offer 12-channeled Holter monitoring equipment in their portfolio. Not only the number of channels, but the length of the studies could also be an important factor. Meditech CardiUP!12 and CardiUP!3 are recording continuously up to 7 days to not miss a beat.


Why ECG recording is necessary?

  1. Problems with Heart Beat Frequency
    CradiUP12_MeditechHolter_ECGThe frequency of the cardiac cycle is described by the heart rate,
    which is expressed as beats per minute (bpm). The cases below reflect the

    abnormality of heartbeat frequency:
    • Bradycardia: if a heart rate is too slow.
    • Tachycardia: if a heart rate is too fast.
    • Ventricular fibrillation: if the heart cannot pump.

  2. Problems with Heart Beat Sequence
    Wrong heart beat sequence may result in premature contractions (early beat).

  3. The Spread of Impulse is Distracted (tissue damage)
    The spread of blood flow to the heart muscle may be distracted due to ischemia, which is a lack of oxygen in the heart caused by clogged arteries in most cases.

  4. The Heart cannot Contract (tissue death)
    The heart may not contract due to damage to the heart that involves the death of a certain amount of heart muscle (infarction).


Why a 7-day ECG recording is needed?

There are some symptoms (palpitation etc.) that don’t happen every day, but they could be worth taking a look at. Some arrhythmias, such as atrial fibrillation, are hard to catch, meanwhile they play an active role in cardiovascular catastrophes. Full disclosure ECG monitoring is the perfect tool to assess abnormality of heart functions. The longer we record the electrocardiogram, the more complex results we may get in the end. 

How to make 7-day recording more comfortable for the patient?

Education may help a lot

If medical professionals spend some time explaining to the patients what will happen to them, they can stay more relaxed, and they would feel more comfortable in the situation.


Being aware of what to wear

Wearing a shirt is recommended for the patient, as it makes it easier to be fitted with the unit. A shirt might be a good choice, Even for the following days of the study, as it is easy to change.


Choose a small, reliable device

Meditech CardiUP!12/3 units are perfect for a 7-day ECG recording session as they are small enough not to disturb the patient. They are reliable, so using them is the best way to avoid repeating a study.