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Have you ever considered trading up from your old ABPM-04?

We do understand if you are still hesitating whether you should replace your well-known old friend, ABPM-04 or not. Since a lot of Meditech units work properly for 10+, 15+, or even 20+ years, users don’t get used to change their units often.

Let us help you make a decision by providing a discount.

We have just launched a trade-up promotion that allows you to buy a new ABPM-06 device at a lower price reduced by 150 EUR. 


What you need to do to benefit

Let’s go through the details so you can understand better what you should do to benefit from the offer, and what will you get when you trade up. 

First things first. You have to let us know the serial number of your old ABPM-04 units and order ABPM-06 devices to replace them! You are done. Every time when you trade up you’ll get a discount of 150 EUR. It means that you are not requested to send your ABPM-04 device back to us! On the contrary, we kindly ask you to keep the device and handle it according to the relevant instructions written in the User Manual of your monitor. All we need is the serial number of your ABPM-04 unit, and you are already welcome to trade up to ABPM-06 kit. Yes, a whole default kit will be provided: 1 x recorder unit, 1 x pouch, 1 x normal adult cuff,  1 x set of 2 high capacity AA size batteries, 1 x standard mini USB cable, 1 x data carrier with the latest software and user documentation, 1 x quality certificate packed in black protecting case.




Terms and conditions

  • Any of our customers who have ever bought at least one piece of ABPM-04 unit is welcome to participate in the promotion.
  • The special offer is not available in the UK or in Hungary.
  • 150 EUR discount is applying per each ABPM-06 kit that you trade up to. There is no limit to how many devices you can order, the more you trade up, the more discount you will get at the end. 
  • The special offer is valid from 1st June to 31st December 2020. The orders placed after the deadline cannot be handled within the scope of the promotion. Please note: your order becomes official only after receipt of the advance payment. If advance payment doesn't arrive at Meditech's account before the deadline, you are not allowed to participate in the trade-up program. 
  • Once you traded up, your ABPM-04 unit has been used in the promotion won't be either supported or repaired by Meditech Kft. any longer (repair services also include providing an exchange device).


If you have any further questions, please, get in touch with your local Meditech distributor


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