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What makes a great exhibition?

Meditech team spent an amazing couple of days in Dubai at Arab Health show between 28 and 31 January.

It was one of the busiest exhibitions we have ever attended.

Dubai will always have a special place in our hearts. We focus more and more on the Arab Health, and it might also be considered a worldwide trend. Year after year we meet more people at the show. It's particularly important for a medical device manufacturer who arrived with the intention to find new and reliable partners. And we did. It is one of our most important missions in these years. Our entire portfolio is distributed worldwide, although there are still some unconquered territories left where we are not market leaders.


Photos cannot capture the atmosphere...

The photo gallery is pretty scarce since we had no time to take more pictures. We were too busy introducing our ABPM devices and ECG Holters to the participants.

Although Dubai is known for sunshine, impressive buildings and great food, but for us it's more about expanding our business relations all around the world. The atmosphere is so special here, and the staff also does a great work year after year.
We can't wait to contact all the potential partners who dropped in at AH and start to work with them on the future.

See you next year in Dubai, or if you do not want to wait so long, come and visit us at Expomed in Istanbul between 28 and 30 March!