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The more the merrier. Especially when it comes to accessories. That is why we launch a new promotion on Valentine’s Day, and the message is right on the nose. We wish to give you what your heart desires: accessories in couples.


If you place an order for a package of 1 x ABPM-06 and 1 x CardiUP! ECG Holter (either 3 or 12 channel version) between the 14th February and the 14th March 2021, you are going to get the accessories doubled*.

*The batteries and the data carriers are excluded from the offer.



What are you going to find exactly in your package?

In every case of ordering a pair (ABPM-06 + CardiUP!3 or 12), every standard kit will contain 2 accessories for the price of one.


ABPM-06 kit within the scope of the promotion comes with:

             1 x ABPM recorder unit

             2 x normal adult cuff

             2 x pouch

             2 x high capacity of AA size battery

             2 x standard mini USB cable


CardiUP! Holter ECG kit within the scope of the promotion comes with:

             1 x Holter ECG recorder unit

             2 x pouch

             2 x patient ECG cable

             2 x standard mini USB cable

             2 x package of disposable electrodes

             1 x AA size battery


You can order as many packages of 1 x ABPM-06 and 1 x CardiUP! ECG Holter as you want, the double accessory offer will be applied, provided that you buy kits in pairs.


Terms and Conditions:

• The promotion is valid from 14th February to 14th March 2021. (Every offer, that includes at least one pair of 1 x ABPM-06 kit and 1 x CardiUP! Holter ECG, and has been issued between 14th February and 14th March 2021 will allow you to participate in the promotion. The offer issued by Meditech is valid for one month, in which time period we need to receive the advance payment to officiate your order.)

• The promotion cannot be combined with any other special offer. 

• The offer is applicable to customers purchasing standard kits (e.g. not available when purchasing exchange devices).



Contact us if you have any questions


Happy Valentine’s Day! :)