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CardioVisions Software for CardioBlue

For Revealing the Background of Rarely Occurring ECG Events

CardioBlue ECG event recorder is available with CardioVisions software which is a complex, integrated solution suitable for managing all of the Meditech monitors. CardioVisions provides configuration, database, analysis and report functions with many user-definable settings.

CardioVisions Advantages

  1. Top Quality QRS Algorithm
    CardioBlue ECG event recorder

    We identify nearly 100 % of the recorded QRS!

  2. Customizable ECG Settings

    Selectable automatic recording length and intervals; pre- and post-event period; storage quality; the number of channels; user-definable ECG morphology limits; report content.

  3. Transparent Patient Database

    Detailed patient and examination information, expert opinion and notes.

  4. Server Use

    CardioVisions is available both in personal and network edition; the latter is suitable for multiple users from one server.

  5. Administrative Tools

    The system administrator can manage user settings, password modifications, data access.

  6. E-mail Compatibility

  7. Availability in Several Languages

  8. Event List and Distribution

    CardioVisions software recognizes ventricular fibrillation, atrial fibrillation, bradycardia, tachycardia, arrhythmia, R on T, QT, ST elevation and depression, minimum and maximum ST, HR, QT, SA and AV block, T-wave alternates and many other events automatically.

  9. ECG Statistics in Textual or Tabular Formats

  10. Beat-by-Beat ECG Strip Annotation and Beat-Type Recognition


Do you have questions about the use of CardioVisions? Check out the frequently asked questions at first!

CardioVisions Recorder Compatibility

ABPM-04, ABPM-05, BlueBP-05 ambulatory BP monitor, CardioMera Holter ECG, card(X)plore combined BP and ECG monitor, apneABP combined BP and pulse oximeter, CardioBlue ECG event recorder.