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How does a bomb suit protect you from stress?

Meditech Holters have been put into action during the NATO exoskeleton workshop.

Would you put on an exoskeleton that meant you could run for an entire day without getting tired?

Exoskeleton technology is an external frame that is worn to support the body, either to enhance a person's biological capacities or to help them overcome an injury. 


The interest in military applications for utilizing wearable robotics is clearly increasing. The 2nd Integration of the Exoskeleton in the Battlefield Workshop 2018 of NATO aimed to investigate how the technology supports and enhances EOD operators' (Explosive Ordnance Disposal suits, also known as bomb suits) mobility and their precision on target.

Exoskeleton technology reduces the fatigue on the user, who experiences less stress due to wearing the bomb suit makes it possible to work safer and longer. The extent of physical and mental stress has been measured by Meditech cardiovascular devices.


Holters NATO exoskeleton


About Meditech

Meditech is committed to preserving cardiovascular health by manufacturing, developing and marketing all-day blood pressure and ECG monitors. These Holter monitors measure blood pressure or ECG automatically all-day. More measurements, better cardiovascular risk assessment, complex data analysis and report.

NATO Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine has appreciated Meditech for the cooperation and work in support of the 2nd Integration of the Exoskeleton in the Battlefield Workshop 2018 held in Brussels.