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Innovation won’t remain unseen

Meditech has been awarded the Innovative Brand title by MagyarBrands (HungarianBrands) program.


The „MagyarBrands” program has honored the most successful Hungarian brands for over a decade now. We are delighted to emphasize that Meditech has been awarded multiple times, including the current year. The aim of the program is (and always has been) to draw the attention of the customers as well as the business community to the innovative products and services of the field. 




We are grateful to the MagyarBrands program for this title. Being chosen by customers and having been awarded according to business standpoints at the same time shows us that the hard work we put in developing our products hasn’t remained unseen. It means even more in 2020.

This year was an exceptional one, indeed. Not only because of the pandemic that causes situations most of us have never faced before, but also because this year – celebrating our 30th anniversary – we launched internationally the 6th generation of Meditech ambulatory blood pressure monitors.

ABPM-05 has always been our customers’ first choice, and we couldn’t agree more with them. The innovative, decorative, and accurate unit was a game changer back then, and it’s still one of the most reliable devices on the market. Therefore, as the time has passed, our attention wasn’t really changing this unit, but improving it. 


ABPM-06 contains all the great features you have appreciated in your ABPM-05 device, and offers more.

  •  AA validation
  •  Inbuilt voice recording
  •  standard mini-USB for data transfer
  •  SleepWell® function
  •  automatic cuff size detection

Click here to get to know more about our 6th generation ABPM unit.


Even though we highly appreciate having been awarded the title, our best encouragement still is the trust of our customers. We keep working to earn it day by day.