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Dear Partner,


Although everyone on the Meditech team is in good health, and our team has so far been unaffected by COVID-19, we have decided to switch to home office mode as a preventive action to protect our coworkers and their families from the growing threat of the coronavirus epidemic. This action is effective  immediately.


Meditech has decided to switch to Home Office operations.


During this protective period, all our office, admin and R&D staff will work from their respective homes to minimize the chance of coronavirus infection. All our contact persons are doing their best to stay available at least via mobile phone and/or email.



Our production staff keeps producing, packaging and shipping products to satisfy customer needs, but the extra measures we introduced to keep them safe to the maximum level possible may reduce productivity levels, and all this may influence the availability of products, services and support.


We hope everyone understands that this is a situation beyond our control. We will get back to our usual full availability and service levels as soon as possible, but our colleagues’ health is our top priority.


We will keep you updated.

Thank you for your patience, we wish you all the best, let’s all take good care of ourselves and each other!



Meditech Team