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Dear Partner,

we would like to inform you that our current Notified Body - SGS UK - with CE0120 mark, will change due to the risk of the Brexit process. From 22nd June, 2019 our certificates will bear CE2409 mark, issued by NB CE Certiso Ltd. Our other certificates (e.g. ISO certificates), the quality of our products and our other services are not affected by this change. Some of our content is temporarily unavailable during this changeover process. All the necessary updates will be initiated possibly the soonest. Please, visit our website again in a few days for the content you are looking for. In case you need any documents urgently, please send us a message to

Thank you for your understanding.


Why to trade up to card(X)plore?


Meditech CardioTens, a combined event ECG and ABPM device was considered a great technological advancement when it first came out. The unit’s quality is well approved, even though its successor multifunctional device card(X)plore allows users to get an even more complex picture about their patients’ cardiovascular condition.


ABPM-06 and Plus are coming soon

Meanwhile we never stop believing in the quality of our best-seller model ABPM-05, Meditech is delightful to announce, that two new ABPM devices will be available on its portfolio soon enough.