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EasyABPM & CardioVisions 24 hour ABPM Software

User-friendly and Inexpensive Solutions for Configuration, Analysis & Report

Each 24-hour ABPM device is available with an individual software package which displays recorded ABPM data in both textual and graphical formats. When choosing an ABPM software, it is important to know if it is suitable for the user’s needs. Most software solutions, however, are neither user-friendly nor inexpensive.

Meditech offers EasyABPM (for ABPM-04 and ABPM-05) and CardioVisions (for ABPM-04, ABPM-05, BlueBP-05) software solutions to configure, analyse, interpret and report 24-hour ABPM studies.

EasyABPM & CardioVisions

Customized software packages both for busy GPs and researchers

BlueBP-05 24 hour ABPM Monitor

While EasyABPM is the right choice for active general practitioners, that need basic 24-hour ABPM data only, CardioVisions is suitable for research purposes as well. However, both 24-hour ABPM software solutions have the followings in common:

  1. Automated Statistics for all Periods

    Both EasyABPM and CardioVisions 24 hour ABPM software solutions display statistics for all (active, passive, morning and special) periods. Statistics include systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, mean arterial pressure (MAP), pulse pressure (PP), pulse rate, minimum and maximum values, standard deviation (SD), percent time elevation (PTE), hypertension load (hyperbaric index), diurnal index (day/night index) and morning surge.

  2. Default Measurement Plans

    Loadable default ABPM measurement plans make it easy to configure any Meditech 24 hour ABPM quickly.

  3. Customizable Sampling Periods

    4 individual sampling periods (active or awake, passive or asleep, morning and special) are available.

  4. Graphic and Tabular Presentation of 24 hour ABPM Data

    A visual blood pressure chart with blood pressure plotted on the vertical axis, time on the horizontal axis with systolic, diastolic values and pulse are available in both software solutions. All data are displayed in tabular or chart format as well.

  5. Hourly Averages

    Hourly blood pressure averages are displayed to support patient treatment.

  6. Editable Patient and Study Info

    Freely editable patient and examination information with the possibility of writing notes and opinions also, to show physical conditions or patient history in the report.

  7. Integrated Database

    Easy-to-use, integrated patient database.

  8. Data List

    Interpretive 24-hour ABPM data are recorded automatically.

  9. Data Limits

    The user can freely define blood pressure threshold limits for statistical calculations.

  10. Printable Reports

    Multiple report configurations, editable reports or short, standard and full versions are available.

EasyABPM vs CardioVisions

Choosing the right ABPM software for the true need is essential. While busy general practitioners may only need basic ABPM data with day and night averages and a blood pressure chart, in-depth statistical details may be required for research purposes. While EasyABPM is the right choice for busy GPs, CardioVisions is a more sophisticated solution for clinical researchers. Therefore, it is more suitable for research purposes. Below you can find the main differences between the two software solutions:


ABPM management ABPM-04, ABPM-05 ABPM-04, ABPM-05, BlueBP-05
fully editable report no (selectable short, standard & full default report only) yes
pdf export yes no
e-mail compatibility no yes
data access without the software yes no
language change yes no
password & login name no yes
network use no yes



Do you have questions about the use of any Meditech software solutions? Check out the frequently asked questions!

CardioVisions Recorder Compatibility

ABPM-04, ABPM-05, BlueBP-05 ambulatory blood pressure monitor, CardioMera Holter ECG, card(X)plore combined BP and ECG monitor, apneABP combined BP and pulse oximeter, CardioBlue ECG event recorder.

EasyABPM Recorder Compatibility

ABPM-05 and ABPM-04 ambulatory blood pressure monitor only.